Decorating Contest

This year, our Christmas Decoration Contest is awarding $100, $50 and $25 prizes to the winners. We encourage all of Chatham Forest’s residents to participate. Our team will be taking pictures of all decorations the night of December 11th and they will be posted on the office window for you to vote between December 15 and December 19. The winners will be announced on Monday, December 22nd. Happy decorating!

Apartment Numbers

We love that our residents take pride in their apartments and love to decorate them! However, when you decorate outside of your entry door, please be careful not to block the apartment number. Decorations like wreaths can completely cover them. It’s important, especially for emergency personnel, that your address is clearly visible.

Holiday Lights

Twinkling Christmas tree lights are so beautiful. However, they can be a fire hazard. To be safe, turn the lights off when you are not in the room or leave the apartment, and before you go to sleep. We want all of our residents to have a very safe and joyous holiday!

Christmas Walls

A festive and inexpensive way to decorate your apartment for Christmas is to take your pictures off the walls, wrap them as if they were presents in colorful holiday paper, and re-hang them. Don’t forget the shiny bows!

Adopt a Family

Every December, Chatham Forest Apartments adopts a family for Christmas.  We are asking the community to participate to get together our package to provide a family with a nice Christmas celebration.

Food and cash donations are going to be accepted in our leasing office, to be able to supply food for a Christmas dinner and a gift card to buy presents!

Any donation will be greatly appreciated.